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Track Name: My Arrival
My Arrival

To all my people gettin funky in the spot like,
dewie cox when he been smokin on the pot,
its a new year new me now and the ball dropped,
stole a couple verses from the devil and theyre all hot.
I rap emaculate im spittin shit so unequivocally,
got people thinkin that I wrote a song to them specifically,
your crazy if it isnt me, this is my arrival,
its my fuckin intro to shit on all my rivals.
theyre swearin that theyre better,
get em a fuckin a bible, got your right hand to god and left waving to ur idol,
you know that its me, cool cat like im on ice,
drinkin brass monkey and im livin the life,
im gettin it right, everyday new life old mind,
spit like a lisp and I shine like a gold mine.
im on point trust me not a bit rusty,
weed fan dutch freak gods what he must be,
beats nice flows sick, top ten no hits,
underrated located, far from the bullshit,
friends check, buds check, beers check,blunts too,
kickin it and livin shit the fullest cuz we want to.
so what you know about livin the dream,
you never even woke up what the fuck do you mean,
well that might make sense but life is ass backwards,
ill fuck the track wit that old boom bap shit.
valet parking im king wit placement,
sit back relax write raps on the day shift,
styles so sweet mother fuckers wanna taste it,
beatz with a z and it came from the basement.
Track Name: The Bakery
The Bakery

Ayyo your runnin off solar but your fires goin out
cuz you see the real stars when the sun goes down
no you dont know how, im so spaced like a rocket
my hands in my pockets, dancing obnoxious
still i could, spit 8 bars cuz im intricate then turn it 45 so its infinite
its more of a hot bag, even if its a sniff
one hit of this evil shit and im leavin the people stiff
I move side to side shock minds with precision
good hand to eye multiplied by the vision
run quick, code red hes sick with it
I spit that dumb shit I give chicks six digits
It all seems so worthless
she wants to make it rain I can shower her in verses
thats what i call a million dollar bubble bath
scrub with that, let me knowledge take you on another path

And if I spit freestyle, you wont compete with the price
im steaming with nice, my best eye beaming them lights boy
your so fragile with it would you run and tattle
if I sunk you cigarette down your throat like a battleship
im not havin it, and I condone happiness
but punks try to give me bad vibes and a crappy trip
Ten bars to go, river with the hardest flow
bustin off bricks to my dome like im mario
plus I got the mustache to match it
i always come correct so you must add the asterisk
smashin shit like im hulk, people marvel
your not gonna win leave your hopes at the barstool
your never testing mister, havent heard the best of it
you only heard my friday and some childhood references
ill keep ya hopin for my dopest tracks
starving rappers groping at my open casket, picture that shit

I rest my head and then I do it again
and than laugh at the opportunities i blew with my friends
we reminisce about the days when we were puffin on endo
then blowin off class after lunch for nintendo
see its all the little things that I can never regret
so if it was stupid the I knew it, i was lookin to test folkes
my flow is suer positive i sit it like a sedative
take a fuckin picture if you wanna see me negative
im stepin on you ants and gettin high off this dirt rock
bust flows for shore, like the tide but with more pop
people give me credit cuz i keep it independant
if your foot is in the game your being used as a doorstop
so anything you really wanna know of this kid ask of him
im writing shit in full so I anit fuckin with you acronyms
the paper got em actin, theyre paid for their acrobatics
ill be chillin in my bakery blazin with rap fanatics
Track Name: Do you believe

I know its hard to believe,
but what you see in front of you is not what i see,
cuz you see three dimentional images off your t.v.
and i see 1984 computers talkin to me.
and now my phones a pc,
i dont even make decisions its all up to siri,
its a gps tracker in my pocket for free,
and link it all up to my facebook for some pictures of me.
and im not sayin im the great one,
if you lookin for a role model i can be a straight one.
free from all religion and the beat of a fake drum,
only thing i worship is the power of this great sun.
it gave me life and my weed,
and in the place im at now i feel thats all that i need,
im tryin to write a couple tracks get em off in CDs
and live the life i always dreamed until my mind is set free.

whoooaa, its like im livin in a dream field,
where eveything is written and directed but it seems real.
and everybody thinks that theyre awake but theyre sleeping,
sometimes we have to close our open eyes just to see things.
and its leading me to question,
whos faith or propaganda pit do i and put my quest in,
or follow in my own steps and do what i was destined,
decisions from the deepest of your mind id invest in.
So now its time to wake the masses up,
the people that are scared will deny the truth and clash with us,
life is intuition and its sometihng that you have to trust,
and pave a smoother road for the people coming after us.
my goal is not to decieve, but what you see in front of you is not wat i see,
you know the truth is all around you dont take it from me,
i just thought i could be the one to teach u not to believe.

takin it day by day to survive i been skeemin,
voilence breedin, all those other cats fightin and beefin
and if ur askin me, just what it means to be free then
ill tell you i dont even know because its easy to see
that the freedom we preach is a dream and one that
noone has seen and were feeding our demons,
were sick from the diseases im eating i try to spread reason,
instead the fuckin government sees and
they lock me up inside the fema camps and try me for treason.
and you can try to appease em, id rather die for my freedom,
the lies and deceit are an easy way of tieing my feet and
leavng me hangin dry, until the end of the season
all while the people sleep and so theyre closing eyes that have seem em.
i can defeat em, i know that we been tryin for eons,
but wit me on knowledge cannon bet ur ass we can beat em.
Im smashin the evel, rising from the cracks where they keep us
and on the day i take the world ill give it,
Track Name: Same Vibe
Same vibe

they say chris why,
how come every one of your songs has got the same vibe,
why you always gotta stay high,
and they ay chris why, how come every one of your songs has got the ame vibe,
the same vibe

sometimes I talk about the system and the way that they lie
blame 911 on osama and they say that he died
just like they tracked sadaam in the cave that he hides
its like american tradition putting tape on my eyes
man I cant wait to get high, they try to keep me on the downlow
spittin but im hittin all my marks like i was groucho
I smoke a couple dutches then im out yo
haters I got somethin for your dogs call me alpo
I got that water spout flow, rookies it aint no use
on the mic im not a dick but my raps will get women loose
im smackin on your caboose, a new born M.C.
parents will name you MISTER youll never forget me
and im the coolest thing to happen
since the guy who made the a.c. went out and got a patent
since the day that biggie picked up the mic and started rappin
I was there defore the game was shit and ill be here after


I flow with lazy disposition so you think that its easy
but you would have to cut above my ankles just to defeat me
call me rafiki, wise and infinate with the wisdom
the infinate symbol, and your not even simba you simplton
simply put your not even fit for ringo comparisons
rubberman, understand that ur run by the government fam
(I am the walrus) No, your just a phony like paul is
my bars are like patients at a hospis cuz theyre all sick
terminally ill punchlines I can kill with
and maybe some that I could even spit to pay the bills with
im different but im still sick, evolving with the rap stee
funnier then andy sicky spittin on a trap beat
ya see to me its like the piffs gold
and im goin crazy cuz I got a whole fist full
roll me up a dutch light it up and take a quick pull
cuz just one hit could get you fried like a pringle
Track Name: Check Reality
Check reality

I'm floatin slow down the road so comatose,
I need cover from the drones get me under smoke,
assassinations are an everyday occurrence see em goin
wit current the so they murder for the currency.
and currently I'm probly under a dim light,
long nights of fine tuning bars till the songs right.
A far flight to the top so I just passed it up,
ash a dutch, lookin at this shit and I just have to flush.
Bastards rush rap stages enraged,
cuz they prayed but they still ain't got no paper to play wit.
But everybody's tryna make planes bitch
cash rules everthing around you so save it, ur basic,
I'm lookin so chill out of place but I'm always
encased with a haze from a great spliff, greatness,
wasn't destined for my life, but I like,
to try to stay focused on the highlights.
See me when the times right if you think your bad enough,
spit bars add em up, kids say they had enough.
madder than Adam was when eve picked the apple up.
It's easy competing for blue ribbons till you clash wit us.
you better back it up or see me when the class up,
the teachers even pleading for you to see its disasterous.
cuz i been fuckin wit it since it hit the double digits,
runnin in the frigedest weather to get dutch to hit it,
bust a written while trippin wasnt a timid kid im spittin,
gettin lifted and rippin it if its primitive.
ill be the different shit, my people like to kick it,
stick a dick into ur lips if ur lippy wit my constituents.

So if you wanna do it now, brains are leakin fluid out,
dont even need a beat for me to move a crowd.
I move around, steady flows and I burn it down,
get everyones attention when im ready bust a bernie out.
im more relaxed than after frankie got to hollywood,
you need to face the fact that your rappin is half of not as good.
im layin back gettin board your just a knot of wood,
your nada wouldnt even come feed you if I was robin hood.
coppin good and splittin dutches with an arrow tip,
im arrogant, wont even give a sample for comparison.
my DNA is shared with aliens, im blatent like a narrative,
creator told me rappin is imparative.
no house arrest I never watch my step,
Ill take my ship and fly around without a rock to rep
interdimentional I mention you never your not a thought to me
you often see me off in the distance lost in my thoughts
and even if you taught the kids to be bought and live off of negatives,
flossin through a gauntlet of evil im tossin benjamins.
I get attention when tension is high,
and my insentive is the message I can sense in my eye,
you sent me to die, we thrive and take the universe over,
though never sober im as open as the ocean and colder.
im not a floater aint no lead in my kicks,
I keep on rockin till its over gettin heavy as shit,
you better be with it or get from the vacinity quick
ommitting my writtens and spittin from the tippity tip.
anything to have a little fun do, i drop another hundo,
im keepin all people high and gung ho,
gotta love my city and the people im around few,
ever get the message even less will care about you,
fun is not a problem when you got it all around you
laughin like a savage every day that I can count to.
fun is not a problem when you got it all around you
laughin like a savage every day that I can count to.
Track Name: The Effects of LIFE
The effects of LIFE

Im in smoke stance pants high and my hat low,
smoke clowds leave my eyes lower than my hat though,
connect rymes in mind like tic tac toe,
old school flow time cant hold back so,
brand new bong with a nice fresh packed bowl,
straight white clowds till the whole shits cashed, roll,
big fat dutch half kush and half dro,
bout to Jettson wit my dogs like astro.
comprehend things on completely different levels,
you work hard as a slave I live easy as a rebel I,
try to stay high and my meaning is benevolent,
but every now and then i get caught up in the mess of it.
always keep in mind that, everything is relevant,
and knowledge is a power far more than itelligence.
eyes open, smokin, chokin, but never suffocated,
always had this plot in my head and now it gets created...
and if u got ur own creations in mind then y the fuck u waitin?

and fuck the people sayin youll get nowhere if you keep rappin,
dont do shit for youtube hits, do it cuz its a passion.
whether golden oldies, old school rap, or even classic,
try to break off from the masses you can call me old fashioned.
nowadays things are tricky, im in the mix see,
and theres no place on planet earth that my body can get free.
I exercize the mental be aware of whats existing,
my third eye is open and my consciuos is drifting.
back to this holographic image of reality,
got information clouding me and i just want it outa me.
take a pen and pad and write it down in rymes astoundingly,
and live the fuckin dream off a homeless persons salary.
not about the dollars if your rich with information,
your not satisfied with life and so you wish for different placement,
The dreamers on the night spend their waking life chasing,
but the dreamers of the day know that life is what you make it...
So if you got your own creations in mind then why the fuck you waitin?
Track Name: Sticky

gather round gather round, everydays a funday
strollin throught life so I treat it like a runway
treat it like a vacay, gotta bring my A game,
nothings ever steady hope your ready when the days change
me im in my next life, workin towards a gods badge
steady smokin piff and have the wisdom that the gods have
smarter than a einstien, ready wen its rhyme time
wrile people up and bring it heavy like its primetime
pile on the duck sauce, eat my fuckin rangoons
creep in while theyre sleepin wake em up and fuckin hang goons
and its just because i live for the thrill of life,
im cookin MCs you can call me vanilla ice.
I took the MC from my name as a givin right,
to spit a little rythm and give you suttin to live and like
Im livin life stress free of the fake sht
but raps with steez now im leavin you matrixed

And I could keep it live like im high voltage
you know im high as the sky great vibes is my focus, know this
I got a pocket full of doses, im ready for my close up trippin into showbiz
so its, apparent that my mindframe is out of site
cuz I dont fear death but ill always be scared of life, swear to christ
Im so vein I love my own tracks
I give em to you people then I wanna take em all back
its all crack rap fiends would apreciate
styles infinit make you twitch when i speak of 8, squeeze the breaks
never put your faith in a crowd, you were lookin to body surf
got your face in the ground, your facing it now, your out
they only like you for your twitter page
until in gettin paid no likes for the mister page
Ill rip the page out twist it then i hit the blaze, hit the stage
drop a couple hit have you trip for days

I could have your mind opened up like a surgeon
you chumps blind your third when your cups lined with bourbon
enogh pride was hurt when i started to write this
but now people get emotional and spar with my likeness
so the armours the nicest, im charming and righteous
im as close to bein pyscho as I am to a phychic
ill dismantle a titan, crew disbanded and frightened
lose a span of your life if you cant handle the nightkin, FALLOUT
Ill have you searchin for a stimpak
my verses get you cripled have you wishin for your limbs back
hope that you can swin jack, avoid where the fins at
reside in no dimension like, Im done there, been that
your too pretencious im the best in the business
but have yet to be discovered like the message of christmas
i regret just a tid bit, of this life that I live but
I aint nothing like you novelist's thats writin for images
Track Name: Universal bars
Universal bars

Im spittin better than exected and now im flexin on ya
kickin it old school like i was angry a my tonkas im
tokin marijuana wanna smoke like in a sauna
losing weight cuz I just lay back and smoke up all my product
stayin under radar not a number one supplier
so im never catching heat, but I always got the fire
and its 420 somewhere on somebodies clock
oh its a no smokin zone man, well I ont give a fuck
im trying t say that if I light a blunt at any given moment
lungs are hapier than gilmore and my brain has got a boner
like a storm of information that comes rushing when im flowin
flyin strait past the heavens god is asking where im goin
man your in the ocean rowing and im in the clouds posted up
used to defeat so your lookin for a toe to suck, bet you wanna roast with us
kids were like top chefs, masters in the kitchen and wont stop till theres no pot left
so now im taking a breather
through a vodka bong with a pack full of green herbs
mother natures a godess id fuck her if seen her
im a huge fan of nature but I love to watch the trees burn
in ths rap game, everybodies the same
I wouldnt think your shit was dope if it was shot in my vein
I dont talk about guns or stacks with all my mad clips
not a gangstarr but my appeal is fuckin massive
somewhat of a guru, the mind of a monk kid
your livin for nothing if your hidin from something
live my life like a dream with a mental checklist
next is see my name on top of a setlist
question of your sane when your minds infected
rhymes get in your brain till your eyes accept it
heisenbergs the name and your blin to test it
atriving for the fame puts your rhymes in question
and could you handle the scrutiny
people talking shit about everything that you believe
and pretty soon youll be, wondering where the days went
livin in a haze and theirs no one worth saving
comprehend ascention and a thousand suns
im seeing multiple dimensions but im bout to one
so for now, my perfect world lies in wait
until my heart stops, and my mind escapes
Track Name: Sinking ships
Sinking Ships

I was a young cat 14 fuckin up the system
sneak up in your locker room and empty out your shit
im an asshole an outcast, couldnt care about class
stole a triple beam and I started weighing out bags
like I was some kind of OG
if we wanted something we said fuck it and we stole see
im the type of kid that had nowhere else to go we
wonder round the store grip it up and bring it home free
but those days are all in the past now
pictures of my good friends lost in a flash now
no one wants to back me in rap cuz of politics
mentally my brains flipped, but I am the same chris
Im something like a golden one
familiar with the number 2000, yea I know a ton
the light at the end of the tunnel you see that shines bright
dont be taken under and be looking back in hindsight
its vanity, got em thinking songs were written just for them
you only get a line, and its fuck you and fuck your friends
ill never front an image or ever faking a trend
if im real till the death of me my legacy will never end
so now i build my future in the infinite
the world wide web will have you lost cuz its intricate
if i dont make it rapping ill be nothin but a sinking ship
but fame could be the death of all the happiness im sinking with
Track Name: TRIPPIN

I got no insurance got flo like progressive
no ones steppin on my toes so no need to get possesive
im obsessive with this rap shit, writin one song a day
halls of fame worthy, wit the fury set your balls aflame
aww shit, I woke up this mornin I got a
dutch split as soon as im yawnin I wanna
smoke this and call up a woman
and then we'll get the ball rollin like were golfin or bowlin
until im lightin up another dutch and keepin it goin
I got lines I could punch with, mostly on some fun shit
call me fifty cal. spit one round your done with
rappin for the hell of it, happy and intellengent
batchelor in the spot no exactly wat tell a chick
im pullin women like a mack truck
backed up, to a fuckin brothel load em up and hit the gas yup
on the rise barely, fallin off rarely
no competition like the tourtise and the hair see

nowadays rap is watered down, strait off tap
I poland spring into action cuz its strait up wack
and im so high still trippin and, no time time for bitchin when
we always try to chill and keep it reel like a fisherman
from summer days, to hoodie weather and halloween
smoke my instagram so you fuckers cant follow me
strict rap policy is all about quality
be who I wanna be skills wat your gonna see.
eyes on the skies so youll always stay under me
im dreamin up songs and im impressing myself
got a lot of love for money not a stress for the wealth
so now im tryin to build an image and I hope its not the wrong one
and leave a little tag in this world im movin on from
im lickin acid off my fingertip until the walls are drippin
all the different shit that I been takin got me more than trippin
often drifting into places didnt no existed
more persistant than your average joe and im just goin with it